Welcome to my Sweets Blog!

Welcome to my Sweets Blog!
I've been looking for a way to share my sweet creations with everyone, and I think I have found it--here is my sweets blog! As I experiment with delicious desserts & sweet treats, I will post pictures, recipes, and how-to tips & tricks. Hope you enjoy reading about my sweets as much I enjoy eating them!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bridal Shower Pink Garden Sugar Cookies

Earlier this summer, I had the honor of hosting my older sister's Liza's bridal shower. I love party planning (almost as much as I love baking), and this party was especially fun to put together with such an amazing group of bridesmaids to help me! And we had the perfect setting for a delightfully pink garden party, thanks to Liza's mother-in-law-to-be, who graciously offered her home to hold the shower.

Liza is just about a year older than me, so we grew up basically as twins (even though she has a twin, our brother Andrew). When we were growing up, her favorite color was pink, and mine was yellow. Every time we got matching outfits, dolls, shoes, hair name it... hers was pink and mine was yellow. (My favorite color still is yellow, in case you were wondering!) 

Anyway, when she decided to have a beach wedding, and use beachy shades for the wedding color palette, I knew right away that the bridal shower was going to be overloaded with PINK. When her future hubby's sister suggested the outdoor setting in the garden, the Pink Garden Party all came together in my head. 

And of course the first part of the party planning process for me is always the cookies!

Making these roses was surprisingly one of the easiest things I’ve ever tried with royal icing. Click here to go to The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, an amazing cookie blog, to see the tutorial from which I learned this technique! But then come back and see the rest of the L flower cookies.

Literally all you have to do is pipe a flowery star shaped blob, let it dry, and then with a fine tip (I used Wilton size 1) pipe a spiraly squiggle.

Then I added some yellow roses as an accent, and green vines & leaves. 

These were a very easy cookie to make in a big batch. And I love how each one came out slightly different based on the curves of the vines and placement of the leaves. 

I also made these surprisingly simple but dramatic Pink Ombre Rosette Cakes for the shower, inspired by this tutorial from another great blog, Glorious Treats.  

Two beauties - my mom & the bride-to-be!

Up next... the Bachelorette Party Cookies!! 

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  1. The cookies reminded me somehow of when I was a little girl, wearing a perfect pink dress with little rosette ribbons on it... I loved them so much! And the cakes were so yummy... and drop-dead gorgeous. Total show stoppers. :) loved that day!


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