Welcome to my Sweets Blog!

Welcome to my Sweets Blog!
I've been looking for a way to share my sweet creations with everyone, and I think I have found it--here is my sweets blog! As I experiment with delicious desserts & sweet treats, I will post pictures, recipes, and how-to tips & tricks. Hope you enjoy reading about my sweets as much I enjoy eating them!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winnie the Pooh First Birthday Cookies

I love making character cookies. Dont get me wrong, they are really hard and take a lot of planning, time, and patience. But the wow-factor far out-weighs all of that.

These happy little Winnie the Pooh Sugar Cookies were made for a friend’s son’s first birthday party. I’m thrilled with how they came out! The Wilton Gel Food Coloring in Buttercup Yellow is the perfect shade for Pooh Bear. And the design idea for the number ones came from a Google image search of Winnie the Pooh party decorations. I made the cookie cutter with my R&M Make-Your-Own Cookie Cutter kit that I wrote about in a previous post {click here}.

The next picture below shows the order in which I piped and filled the faces. I started with the mouth and let it dry. Then I piped and filled the face. Once that was dry, I filled the ears and added the party hat!  

I drew the final details on with a black food marker (with edible ink). 

He is so cute!!

These are just the happiest little cookies I've ever made!

By the way, you can find the recipes for my sugar cookies and the royal icing here and lots of tips and tricks here


  1. Oh these are wonderful!! My 5 year old has recently fallen in love with Winnie!!! Can't wait to show these to him!

  2. Do you sell these??

  3. Awesome and i don't have any more words to tell that you have done a outstanding work.

  4. Love this cookie cutter you made. Your cookie came out so cute. Thanks for showing us the step by step process of decorating him. Kathy


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